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assist.vkcsites.org - PROJECT ASSIST
Advocating for SupportS to Improve Service Transitions
cans.vkcsites.org - TN CANS 2.0 Reference
Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths
childstuttering.vkcsites.org - Developmental Stuttering Project
Investigating the importance of language and emotions in stuttering, yielding advances in science and treatment
compass.vkcsites.org - Pathfinder Newsletter
Tennessee Disability Pathfinder newsletter site
discovery.vkcsites.org - Discovery News
Annual VKC Newsletter
ebip.vkcsites.org - Evidence-based Instructional Practices in Early Childhood Education
Evidence-based practices in early childhood education are strategies shown by science to be effective ways to teach young children new behaviors or skills
ebrl.vkcsites.org - The Education and Brain Sciences Research Lab (EBRL)
Seeks to understand why some children are successful at learning to read while others are not.
employmentpathways.org - The Tennessee Employment Pathways Project
Teaches parents or siblings how to help connect their family member with intellectual disability, autism, and other developmental disabilities to a good job in the community.
fast.vkcsites.org - FAST Interview Guide
TN FAST Version 2.1
Supporting families of young children with challenging behavior
frg.vkcsites.org - Fuchs Research Group
The Fuchs Research Group is a team of dedicated researchers at Peabody College of Vanderbilt University who engage in research to further the understanding of how best to teach reading and mathematics to improve reading and math outcomes for young students with learning disabilities or students who are at risk for developing learning disabilities. Their research has led to the publication of many peer-reviewed journal articles and the creation of a variety of Tier 1 and Tier 2 intervention programs and curriculum-based assessments.
helpingfamiliescopewithstress.org - Family Depression Prevention Project
Aims to promote healthy adjustment in families by: teaching families about the impact of stress, providing information that may help strengthen parenting and reduce feelings of depression, and teaching children coping skills to deal with stress
iddtoolkit.vkcsites.org - Toolkit for Primary Care Providers
Health Care for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.
kidtalk.vkcsites.org - Good things happen when you talk!
Vanderbilt KidTalk is a research group studying language growth in young children with disabilities. Our intervention is fun, natural and can be done by parents and teachers! Children who are taught using KidTalk procedures typically learn new vocabulary, talk in longer sentences, and develop strong, positive relationships with their parents, teachers and peers.
nclii.org - The National Center for Leadership in Intensive Intervention
The National Center for Leadership in Intensive Intervention (NCLII) prepares special education leaders to become experts in research on intensive intervention for students with disabilities who have persistent and severe academic and behavioral difficulties.
notables.vkcsites.org - Notables Newsletter
Notables is a monthly e-newsletter to share stories about discoveries and best practices that are opening doors and transforming lives for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.
rett.vkcsites.org - Rett Syndrome Program
The Vanderbilt Kennedy Center and Vanderbilt University Medical Center are leaders and innovators in the clinical treatment of children and adults with Rett syndrome and related conditions and research innovators from basic discovery to preclinical research to clinical trials and interventions.
senselab.vkcsites.org - Social Emotional NeuroScience Endocrinology Lab
The mission of the SENSE (Social Emotional NeuroScience Endocrinology) lab is to better understand the social and emotional functioning of children with autism and related neurodevelopmental disorders and to translate findings into meaningful approaches and interventions.
serenademusicclass.org - Parent-Child Music Class and Research Program
SeRenade is an integrated, parent-child music program that uses musical games, parent training, and peer interaction strategies to promote social engagement and positive behavior in children with and without autism spectrum disorder.
tennesseeworks.org - TennesseeWorks
We formed TennesseeWorks with one goal: to increase the number of young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) who are employed in the state. In other words, we are working to ensure every young person with a disability can find a good job, with good pay, that brings real satisfaction, and makes a real difference.
tndd.vkcsites.org - Tennessee Developmental Disabilities Network
Four statewide organizations in Tennessee partner with one another and with individuals with developmental disabilities and family members to ensure that they receive the services and supports they need—and jointly they take part in planning those services.
tnihealliance.org - The Tennessee Inclusive Higher Education Alliance
An Alliance for the Advancement of Postsecondary Education Opportunities for Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
tipsheets.vkcsites.org - VKC Tipsheets
Vanderbilt Kennedy Center tipsheets
vap.vkcsites.org - Volunteer Advocacy Project (VAP) Resource Site
This site is for current and past participants to access updated resources that can help them better advocate for families of children with disabilities in special education.
yoderpubs.vkcsites.org - Paul J. Yoder, Ph.D. Professor of Special Education Emeritus
Foci of research: The development of communication, the development of language, and the effectiveness of intervention on children with language delays; The effects of mother –child interactions on pre-linguistic and linguistic development; Early intervention, treatment and dosage efficacy..